FLEET launches new scratchcards as marathon runners step up training

By Linden Jones in Charity

FLEET is a registered charity that was formed by Cornish Ambulance staff, instigated by paramedic Norman Trebilcock, in 1990 with the aim of upgrading and standardising the equipment carried on all Cornwall’s ambulances. With generous help from Cornish people, businesses and organisations FLEET has raised over £2,000,000 since then, all of which has been put into providing vital equipment that helps save lives across the county.

FLEET has been instrumental in the creation and equipping of First Responders who are members of the public trained to provide critical life-saving treatment, including defibrillation, in their local area. This has helped to cut emergency response times by 3% and ultimately saved lives.

Four years ago FLEET embarked on a project to secure a Public Access Defibrillator into every town and village in Cornwall. What at massive project! There were very few in Cornwall that were registered with the Ambulance Service and even less that were regularly checked as they should be. There are now 150 PADs that FLEET has installed across Cornwall.

And now FLEET has just launched their Scratch Card Lottery and are looking for help and support from the local community to sell the tickets which will raise funds to monitor and maintain the defibrillators in Cornwall. If you would like to help please contact the promotor, Norman Way, on 07837 350330, or email winwithfleet@gmail.com. Scratch cards are £1 each and there are over 1,000 prizes to be won. The top prize is £1,000 along with cash prizes, Cornish food hampers and Poorly Pets quality toys.

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