Team FLEET on the run again

By Linden Jones in Charity

WHAT a wonderful weekend: all that training, all the injuries behind us, all the cold wet weather training and what a lovely day we had in London. Bit scary at the beginning putting yourself on a coach with Dave Bray, Dan Nicholls, Matt Allan and Mike Trebilcock - this is going to be a long journey!

Once again, thank you for all of the support, encouragement and donations for our charities, and to our fantastic fellow members of Team FLEET.

Here are comments from some of the runners:

David Bray said, “A brilliant day, a great feeling carrying St Piran’s flag through London, Cockneys encouraging ‘Cornish Dave’, and several chants from the Cornish of ‘Kernow Bys Vyken’ and even one ‘Come on Mebyon Kernow’. Surreal moments - thinking I’m running at quite a good pace, then a rhino zooms past me! On the up side, I did overtake Jesus (mind you, he was carrying his cross at the time)! Sore legs and knees last night, it looks like I’m going to lose a toenail, oh, and I did lose a wife for 18 miles - who I’m so proud of, as she battled through the pain of her injury. However, I realised that I’ve started taking this running a little more seriously when I saw a 20p piece on the road, and didn’t stop to pick it up - so, I’m very tempted to say “Same time next year Norman Trebilcock or no?”

Mathew Wale said, “This was my first marathon and with a time of 4 hours 42 mins I can honestly say that this is one of the greatest things I have ever done. Raising funds for FLEET and running the best marathon in the world is an experience I’ll treasure for the rest of my life.”

Jason Long commented, “Another great experience with FLEET 4 hours 46 mins. The weather, atmosphere and the support from the crowds who all seem to recognise the Cornish flag and screamed at me “Go Cornwall”.

Emily Field said, “What a brilliant experience for my first marathon. Would I do it again? Ask me tomorrow. 5 hours and 2 mins. The feeling I got when I crossed the finishing line with Norman honestly made me so happy and I had done FLEET proud.”

Vicky Parkes – 5 hours 49 mins. “What a great experience, I still can’t believe that I ran the London Marathon. It was my first and I would love to do it again, especially for FLEET. Fantastic crowd support and the best experience ever.”

Chris Taylor 3hrs 59 min. “My third time running with FLEET. Great team spirit, really enjoyed the whole weekend.”

Liam Cartwright 5 Hours 57 mins. “Fourth Marathon. Thank you FLEET for a fantastic weekend, London shone again. Great weather in a great location with fantastic support.”

Katy Jones, 4Hours 39mins. “What a fantastic day. The crowds and the atmosphere, I now understand what people mean by the crowd taking you through when you are in so much pain. Such a fantastic experience and all for a Cornish charity so close to my heart. Norman, Mike and the FLEET team do such a good job , they really take care of everything.”

Louise Northcott 4 hours 39 mins. “What a magnificent experience and something that I can definitely cross off my bucket list. Such an emotional weekend and what a brilliant team FLEET are. Will I do it again? I will tell you when I can walk down my stairs!”

Gary Marshall 4 hours 16mins. “So pleased to be part of the FLEET team, what an amazing experience. Thank you Mike and Norman.”

Alex Morris 4 hours 42 mins. “Such an unbelievable experience, the entire crowd is hair-raising. Hundreds of people calling my name, it was awesome.”

Phillippa Stanford 4 hours 15 mins. “Amazing experience, lovely to be part of a team with so much support. Extremely happy with my time even if it was painful. I’d love to do it again next year. Thank you FLEET for an amazing experience.”

Sarah Cox 4 hours 13 mins. “This is my fourth London Marathon with FLEET and I keep coming back because I want to run for a charity that helps everyone. London is a 26.2 miles of street party and it’s addictive. Thank you FLEET for all that you do and for being such a wonderful bunch of people.”

Dan Nicholls 3 hours 39 mins. “My seventh London for FLEET. The atmosphere created by the FLEET team is amazing, I can’t imagine running for anyone else. I’ll be back next year.”

Norman Trebilcock (5 hours 2 mins)

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