Billie bounces back after breaking the Battle of the Bulge

By Linden Jones in Health

2½ stone lighter and a smile that says it all

LACKING confidence, full of self doubt, unmotivated and not wanting to go out, Billie suffered from self-loathing and depression and didn’t realise it was all down to her weight. Her husband had tried to help by suggesting she went to the gym but this just ended in an argument as she had all the excuses under the sun as to why she couldn’t go.

Billie noticed an advertisement for Slimming World which featured a lady who was very slim and attractive. She said to herself ‘yeah right, I would never look like that no matter how hard I tried’. Then one day she decided to go to the new group that had opened in St Eval - she thought she would prove to everyone that it was unrealistic to lose the weight she wanted to lose.

Billie said, “On the 28 December 2015 I walked through the doors. I can remember feeling sick to my stomach but thankfully the consultant came over and she was very warm and friendly. She explained how Food Optimising worked and told me no food was off limits and I could eat as much free food as I liked.

“As much as I wanted to believe it, deep down a little voice was echoing inside me, yeah right this just isn’t going to work, eating unlimited potatoes and pasta, now I know I am going to prove them wrong! To my surprise in just a few days I lost 4lb! I thought ‘how much could I lose in a week?!’

“Eating healthily, trying out new recipes and cooking from scratch was exciting and tastier than I could have ever imagined. The recipes were easy to follow and it was fascinating learning about different foods, some of which I had never even heard of before. The following week I lost more weight and the week after that even more weight still. This was amazing, I had lost half a stone within two weeks. I was now eating breakfast, snacks, lunch, more snacks and dinner, followed by treats of fruit, yoghurt and my all time favourite chocolate. The feeling was immense, the thrill of losing weight resulted in even more weight loss. I was buzzing and my life was changing, I was happier, my confidence was coming back and my husband always praised my efforts and slimmer appearance. We walked our dogs along the cliff tops talking about my progress as we went along. We played golf together, I went to the gym, I started doing circuit training and even entered the Pretty Mudder Race. The team was made up of ladies from the St Eval Slimming World Group and we called ourselves ‘Body Magic Babes’.

My confidence has grown ten-fold and by the time our holiday came along I had enough courage to wear a bikini again and felt good wearing it! I have slimmed from a 16-18 dress size, down to a 10-12. I took some photos, the before and after shots showing me at the start of my Slimming World experience and then again six months later.

I have now made the decision to become a Slimming World consultant myself to help others achieve their weight loss dreams too. I have met some wonderful people in the group whom I now consider to be my really good friends. Without their support I wouldn’t be writing this now. My new Slimming World venture is down to my consultant and all the members who helped and supported me through tough times. So I say to them all a great big thank you!

I will be taking over the group at Trevisker Primary School, St Eval on Monday Evening at 7.30pm from 10 July. To register your interest please contact me on: 07725 875542 or Together we can achieve your dreams.

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